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Developer: NirSoft
Website: http://www.nirsoft.net
Os: Windows98/Windows2000/WindowsXp/WindowsVista/Windows7/
License: Freeware
Price: $0
Size: 37.84K
Latest version: 1.5
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Information being of use about the network adapters such as MTU value, Number of received and sent bytes, IP addresses, Hardware address, current speed of transfer,  servers of  DNS and WINS and so on are neatly exhibited to the user while employing this Adapterwatch tool. So the user is provided with all the necessary information and need not struggle a lot to fetch these details. Apart from these even the statistics of UDP/TCP/IP/ICMP details are also provided for the computer that is present in local area. AdapterWatch tool could be easily combined in a single interface and an immense amount of data could also be transferred all over the adapters of network.

In case of AdapterWatch tool, there is no need for any extra DLLs or installation process. Executable file such as awatch.exe file should be run by just copying it to the folder of user’s choice. Information regarding the current arrangement of attributes about the network adapters is exhibited by the main window of the Adapter Watch software tool.
If the user is inclined to have a connection to different networks or a bunch of networks on a regular basis there is a chance for them to miss the track. So they might not be able to get hold of things and will lack knowledge about what is available and not. But this problem could be easily solved if the AdapterWatch software tool is employed.

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