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Developer: Adobe Systems, Inc
Website: http://www.adobe.com
Os: WindowsXp/WindowsVista/Windows7/
License: Freeware
Price: $0
Size: 6.32MB
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Adobe Shockwave is a multimedia platform used to add animation and interactivity to web pages. It allows Adobe Director Applications to be published on the Internet and viewed in a web browser on any computer which has the Shockwave plug-in installed. It was first developed by Macromedia, and released in 1995 and was later acquired by Adobe Systems in 2005. Adobe's latest version of Shockwave Player browser plug-in works like a charm, running with ease any and all of the Web games we played during testing.

The latest version downloads quickly, and even though the installation process launches your browser to complete the setup, the process flows smoothly with no slowdowns. In fact, the browser launch helps determine whether your installation is successful; if you're able to view the Shockwave video after the browser opens, you're good to go. Our tests turned up nothing to make us worry. For game players, Shockwave Player is a must-have. Users at any level of expertise should have no qualms about installing or upgrading Shockwave Player. Over 450 million Internet-enables desktops have installed Adobe Shockwave Player. These people now have access to the best the web has to offer- including dazzling 3D games and entertainment, interactive product demonstrations, and online learning applications. Shockwave Player displays Web content that has been created by Adobe Director.

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