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Developer: Adobe Systems Incorporated
Website: http://www.adobe.com/downloads/updates/
Os: WindowsXp/WindowsVista/Windows7/
License: Freeware
Price: $0
Latest version: 5.1.0
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Adobe Update Manager is a helpful application that can update your current version of Adobe Software. This software is developed by Adobe Systems Inc.

The main advantage of Adobe Update Manager is that it updates the latest version currently available to the existing Adobe software. These updates are often called patches, basically because the updates take place over existing software which has been already installed in a personal computer system. The updates provide better performance and even improve the quality of the currently used adobe software. The only problem you might come across is that for any software updates, you require the need of an internet connection for these latest updates to take place. Some software’s provide CD’s for updating their current software, in such a case, the need for an internet connection is not mandatory. When you are logged on to the internet, an icon is displayed suggesting you to update the Adobe software. You can either choose to update at that particular time or you can programme the update to remind you again at a later date. Today, almost all of the leading software’s come with free software updates once the software has been installed in a personal computer system.

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