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Developer: NirSoft
Website: http://www.nirsoft.net
Os: Windows95/Windows98/Windows2000/WindowsXp/
License: Freeware
Price: $0
Size: 25.44K
Latest version: 1.4
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Asterisk Logger is used in bringing out the passwords that is laid in behind the asterisks of the standard text-boxes password. Asterisk Logger could be used as a replacement for Aster Win utility tool since both have the most of the features in common and it even lets out the password behind the asterisk in the same way but Asterisk Logger has more advanced features when compared to the Aster Win tool. Each and every time the new window that is incorporated with a password box is opened up, the password that is laid out inside the password-box is let out by the Asterisk Logger utility tool in a reflex manner. Therefore one need not agitate a button in order to expose the asterisk passwords.

Moreover, in addition to this, Asterisk Logger tool also impart the passwords list present in the main window of Asterisk Logger with a record for reference. It even lets out some extra information about the disclosed password. Information such as the name of the application that incorporates the exposed password, the exact time and date the password was let out, and the executable file of the application and so on.

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