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Developer: Borland Software Corporation
Website: http://www.borland.com
Os: Windows98/WindowsNT/Windows2000/
License: Freeware
Price: $0
Size: 39.68KB
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Borland Delphi is a program that can help users to create windows applications that are user friendly, high in efficiency and self contained with minimum of manual coding. This software basically deals with Borland’s Turbo pascal, which appeared around 1980s.  This software has an object oriented Pascal based environment to work with.  It  includes tools that help the users to build up, analyze and set up the windows application they are to make. It has a load of “reusable components’, as it is called so, to help it happen.

It is very powerful and demanded software. It is much better than visual basics. Users who are new to programming can very much use this software along with programming experts. Therefore, this is software useful for professionals and newbie alike. This software also has a very prompt support group to help the users when needed. Therefore, beginners can also use this software with no issues at all as they will be assisted by a group of expert support group when needed.

In short, it is very efficient and powerful software for any user. It has a very user friendly interface and helps the user develop one. It is better than visual basics and many programmers would recommend this software.

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