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Developer: TriWorks Corp.JAPAN
Website: http://www.triworks.com/japan/
Os: WindowsXp/WindowsVista/Windows7/
License: Freeware
Price: $0
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DigiBook Browser is an excellent application for sharing pictures in so many different ways. It allows you to create different photo albums. DigiBook Browser allows management of digital contents in so many ways. You might have sent multiple photo albums to your beloved ones, but try this tool to get more out of life. Creating photo albums is really enjoyable fun with the DigiBook Browser.

DigiBook Browser is fast and reliable sharing software which allows you to send your photos albums to your friends' Personal Computer in a couple of seconds. Browse the input files, rest of the job is delivered by this useful computing application. Photo is sharing much easier, than ever before. Trying this application will let you easily share your precious and eye catching photo albums with friends.

The application will set up a secure photos sharing sequence for reliability of the photos sharing. This application has brilliant Graphical User interface for the end users. Just browse the digital contents, and click the album to send. It allows creation of the photo albums, before you send to your friends. Send you single album to multiple people. Just add unlimited e-mail id and separate with commas. DigiBook Browser is a real cool and secure way for sharing photos. It is really best, when it is regarding the photos sharing.

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