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Developer: PC Drivers HeadQuarters
Website: http://www.drivershq.com
Os: Windows2000/Server2003/WindowsXp/WindowsVista/Windows7/
License: Shareware
Price: $29.95
Size: 6 MB
Latest version: 8.0.1
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The system drivers are very essential to the smooth running of any computer system and if there have an old or incorrect driver installed for a particular piece of hardware, the serious problem can be encountered. While Windows Update can be used to update Windows and to update the other software, as well as some drivers, tracking down the latest drives for all of your hardware can be a major task. Drivers HeadQuarters is the first and only driver update service ,providing manufacturer specific drivers for your computer. The Driver Detective is simple and easy to use and designed to make updating drivers fast.

Driver Detective can take the hard work out of keeping your drivers up to date all the time. The program can specifically and uniquely identify the hardware you have installed and automatically update the necessary drivers for you. To avoid the problems that may arise from poorly written drivers, a backup is created by this software before any new driver is installed so it is possible to roll back to an older version of your driver if needed.

With the help of Driver Detective you have also an option to back up all of the drivers you have installed whenever you have needed to reinstall your Windows. The process of upgrading the Windows or moving to a new computer become simplify in the presence of the Easy Migrator tool of Driver Detective. This tool will scan your computer and download the drivers for your hardware. Driver Detective can take care of the latest drivers for you so you can be sure that you are always up to date. Driver Detective can save you endless hours of work and aggravation updating your drivers.

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