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Developer: iXi Tools
Website: http://www.ixitools.com/
Os: WindowsXp/WindowsVista/Windows7/
License: Shareware
Price: $29.95
Size: 2.65MB
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To Quick scan your system for out-of-date drivers with this easy to use program. The Driver Updater Pro wizard-based interface needs very little instruction to give you the complete information about your system drivers. A very attractive and essential feature of Driver Updater Pro is to scan the programs very quickly, but may wish for a bit more information and flexibility.

On the start of this application, it displays the selected processor, memory, and operating system information. All these things are along with a Scan Now button, which provide the instant functionality to scan the system and check that if any driver is out of date or not. The utility quickly scans the system to list all drivers. Each driver is listed under categories with icons for additional information as update status, and a link to download an update if it is needed. The information available for each driver varies, as driver name, and version. With a click, users can choose to see only drivers in need of update and the link is also visible to update drivers instead of searching the update link on internet.

The Driver Update Pro also have a extra feature that it doesn't use the system date and time, but is fixed on a European time zone, but this application greatly simplifies finding drivers in need of updating.

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