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Developer: NirSoft
Website: http://www.nirsoft.net
Os: Windows2000/WindowsXp/WindowsVista/Windows7/
License: Freeware
Price: $0
Size: 44.06K
Latest version: 1.11
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By employing FlashCookiesView software tool, browsing could be easily tracked down in the similar way carried out in any other conventional browser cookies. But the main thing to be noted down is that even if the veritable cookies are deleted in order to avoid the tracking functionality carried out by many other sleuthing sites, the cookies from FlashCookiesView software tool will still be sticking all over and it could not be viewed in a typical way. So the efforts taken in order to carry on the privacy of the user would pine away.

In spite of the fact that the browser cookies are essential for the internet since it could be used in tracking down the user from one site to the other, it is also found to be a threat to the performance of the system if it is found in large quantity similar to the effects of snacks in human beings. Therefore one should always keep an eye on the assorted number of cookies that are found dispelled over the computer. FlashCookiesView is found to be the most convenient portable tool since it will start running at once the extracted program file is clicked on. It could even be made to function from the driver of USB apart from using it in the computer.

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