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Developer: E-Book Systems Inc.
Website: http://www.flipviewer.com
Os: Windows XP/Vista/Win7
License: Freeware
Price: $0
Size: 10.2MB
Latest version: 4.5.1
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FlipViewer is a powerful program which lets you read flip books--photo albums, e-books, catalogs, magazines, comics, and Web pages--created in the Open E-Book Package Format. With FlipViewer we can view FlipBooks like we read a conventional book with pages and covers. Using patented technology, FlipViewer presents multipage documents in a realistic 3D-book format, with pages you can flip--a more natural and intuitive interface than scrolling. The book paradigm, with visual cues such as thickness, is an easier way to browse long, multipage documents. You also can add customizable markers for individual pages, set the flipping speed, and play embedded audio or video. FlipViewer supports the streaming of online content--while you read a page, the subsequent pages will be downloaded--to minimize the waiting time.

FlipViewer comes with a library of its own where the user can store the books. When we open The FlipViewer Library we can find one toolbar, one panel and one window. In the toolbar we can add books or go to the Home where we can find books and magazines made for FlipViewer. And in the window we can see the book that we added, for see the book content that we selected and with double click we can open it .

The interface of the software has all there is necessary for a viewer, be it a flipper. Once installed, you will see that the application is made of two components: the viewer itself and a library which will stay minimized in the system tray, ready to be opened at any desired time.

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