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Developer: freeime studio
Website: http://www.freewb.org
Os: WindowsXp/Server2003/Server2008/WindowsVista/Windows7/
License: Freeware
Price: $0
Latest version: 6.1
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Freeime is a software developed by Freeime studio. Freeime is a free hosting service available today. By going to their link, you are able to register your own domain without paying any charges to the developer of the software.

As mentioned earlier, Freeime is a free hosting service, providing plenty of data storage space & bandwidth allowance as compared to other free hosting websites. Apart from that, this software allow htaccess, one can create their own domain, easy setup of software, safe mode off, able to use latest PHP and MySQL. Easy online support is available incase of any problems faced during the installation of this software. Many clients are now switching from other leading host services to Freeime because of the down time of the previous hosting service.

The best part of this software is that one does not require to post in any forum to remain active and the available space capacity is 7 GB +. Few other features to be added is that one can use their own domain upto 100 characters, CName records can be edited, bandwidth capacity is 250 GB for a month. The server up time is 99% as promised. Their customer service is exceptionally at par with many satisfied users.

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