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Website: http://orangelampsoftware.com/
Os: WindowsXp/WindowsVista/Windows7/
License: Freeware
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By applying KillProcess software tool, any process that is running on a Windows machine could be ceased easily, along with any other process or services that run in the system. Even the process of Microsoft system that is been guarded from threats could also be terminated. Though the entire process of termination could be accomplished in few seconds the actual speed of the KillProcess tool is ascertained based on the speed of the computer.

If one experience Windows crashes often then KillProcess tool will be a really useful tool. Therefore one could very well give it a try apart from using the Task Manager of Windows because KillProcess tool lets in the user to figure out the names of processes thereby going out right away to them in case of a major collapse. By using this tool, user will be able to identify the process related to the programs. It will clearly give detailed information on which one of the processor is had to do with which one of the programs and it also displays all the running processes at once. It would be very useful for those users who don’t have any knowledge of what the processors are meant for and is also found to be the most efficient killing processes.

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