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Developer: Marvell
Website: http://www.marvell.com/yukon/support
Os: Windows2000/WindowsXp/WindowsVista/Windows7/
License: Freeware
Price: $0
Size: 7 MB
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A miniport driver is very small software that allows a computer's operating system to communicate with other hardware devices. Marvell is a Santa Clara based semiconductor company that creates miniport drivers for use in some of its devices which they manufacture. Miniport driver work in concert with Windows port drivers and they provide the software needed for hardware to do proper function. The Windows operating system provides port drivers. Each of those drivers can work with multiple products, but if you want to enable the device specific features of those products then there is a device that manufacturer must provide i.e. miniport driver.

Marvell is one such manufacturer who gives perfect drivers. Most of Marvell's miniport drivers directly link to its line of Ethernet controllers. These controllers are also known as network interface cards; they allow computers to establish connections to computer internet networks. The company has miniport drivers for data storage technologies and many other products. All Marvell devices that use miniport drivers require driver updates done regularly to improve functionality and the device compatibility. If you're running Marvell hardware then you must check the company or should have another trusted source to verify that you have the latest miniport driver installed. The miniport drivers are made so that the devices work properly.

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