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Developer: activePDF
Website: http://www.nitropdf.com
Os: Windows XP/Vista/Win7
License: Freeware
Price: $0
Size: 7.2MB
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PrimoPDF is a PDF converter designed to view, create, edit and convert PDF. This PDF converter allows you convert almost any file to PDF such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

With PrimoPDF, you can create PDF files from any printable document, such as doc, text, images, web pages and so on. Additionally, PrimoPDF has the ability to optimize PDF output for screen, print, ebook, and prepress. It can also protect PDF documents with 128-bit encryption that can be used for restricting reading, editing, or printing the PDF. When you convert files to PDF, you can add document information such as title, author, subject and keywords.

PrimoPDF allows you to append or overwrite an already existing PDF. It is very easy to create PDF, convert files and edit document properties from the main PrimoPDF interface. With its new drag-and-drop icon, you can manage the application easily and efficiently.

PrimoPDF installs as a printer in your Printer Driver preferences on your computer. If you need to make PDF file, you should choose PrimoPDF to be your printer. Then there will appear a dialog box, you need to do some settings for PDF creation: Screen, Print, eBook, Prepress and Custom. At last you can make PDF file.

The only disadvantage of this software is that the interface sports an ad for other PDF-related software which is annoying to some users.

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