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Developer: NirSoft
Website: http://www.nirsoft.net
Os: WindowsXp/WindowsVista/Windows7/
License: Freeware
Price: $0
Size: 37.67K
Latest version: 1.15
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Files that are accessed in the recent past are viewed in one single location while using this RecentFilesView tool. The interface of this software tool is found to be very simple with all the basic toolbars and menu options. By using these toolbars one could very easily pick out the file and open it instantly. The chosen file could even be saved into xml or text or html formats and copied on to the available clipboard. Even multiple files could be selected and deleted at the same time.
These options are all present right at the top of the window. Information regarding recent files such as the date they have been created and modified is displayed in the remaining space of the window. Each and every time the file is opened from Windows Explorer the name of the opened file is recorded by the operating system of the computer. Few of them are saved in the registry of the system and others are saved in the recent folder. RecentFilesView has a user-friendly interface so there is no need for any help menu. Since this RecentFilesView software tool comes in the executable file format there is no need for any installation.

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