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Developer: NirSoft
Website: http://www.nirsoft.net
Os: WindowsXp/Windows98/Windows95/Windows2000/
License: Freeware
Price: $0
Size: 67.91 KB
Latest version: 1.22
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List of all the applications that are loaded in a reflex manner at the booting time of Window is found to be displayed in a well organized manner. For each and every single application extra information such as the version of the file, its description, name of the product, name of the company and so on are displayed. By doing so, it lets in the user to identify all those applications that are loaded at the startup time of Windows.

StartupRun software has the power to alter any subsisting entry. It has the facility to add any new items or to delete an item from any startup. It offers the user with crystallized information about each and every item. It is also found to be managing the BHO files in an efficient manner. If a spy ware program is seen to be running at the startup then it would be immediately highlighted in pink color in a reflex manner. Apart from this the picked out entries of startup could also be enabled or disabled by the user. StartupRun has a user-friendly interface and one could very easily manage the entire applications running at the windows startup.

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