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Developer: Sybase Inc.
Website: www.sybase.com
Os: Windows XP/Vista/Win7
License: Freeware
Price: $3000
Size: 122.95MMB
Latest version: 12.5.2169
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Power Designer is an excellent enterprise modeling tool for Microsoft Windows, and runs under Eclipse through a plug-in. This program enables corporations to easily visualize, analyze and manipulate data for efficient enterprise information structural design. It is a great helper for a business or enterprise in the representation of the structure, relationships, activities, processes, information, resources, people, behavior, goals, and constraints.

PowerDesigner facilitates enterprise architecture implementations by intuitively capturing the intersections between all architectural layers and perspectives of the Enterprise. PowerDesigner is uniquely equipped to support all architectural environments with industry leading modeling and metadata management techniques. PowerDesigner’s metadata repository also improves collaboration and communication between all stakeholders in the enterprise, facilitating quicker response to change for better business agility.

PowerDesigner's object reuse capability enable us to own a multitier architecture in which our enterprise logical data model is linked to individual system logical data models that are, in turn, linked to physical data models. This allows us to perform enterprise-wide impact analysis that negates our having to do repetitive archaeology to provide answers for proposed or actual modifications.

In addition, PowerDesigner works with more than 60 relational database management systems; and it also provides an excellent approach for aligning business and IT, facilitating the implementation of effective information.

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