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Developer: TrueCrypt Foundation
Website: http://www.truecrypt.org/
Os: Windows2000/ XP/Vista/Win7
License: Freeware
Price: $0
Size: 3.33MB
Latest version: 7.0
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We all have something which need to be kept private, that's why a password administrator is badly needed. TrueCrypt, an amazing freeware provides what we need. TrueCrypt is an open source that offers password protection for your files. Then when you share something with your friends or family, you need not to worry the security only if you encrypt files which you want to share. It’s always better to prepared, than to be worried about your personal information later. TrueCrypt provides simple to use functions including encrypt files, USB drivers, hard disk partitions, etc.

TrueCrypt is a powerful password administrator. Next I will introduce the TrueCrypt's functions to you by giving an example of USB encrypting. When you insert USB to a computer, at the same time TrueCrypt is running and you have our password protection, you will be welcome after you enter the driver letter because this is encrypted. The files in this USB are only decrypted for you. .And you can store encrypted files in a container when someone use your USB, this container will protect your information. What a fantastic password administrator.

A special key such as a file or image could also combine with the password protection. This can make the password protection more difficult to be cracked. TrueCrypt can also generate a key to use together with password protection. If you want to take it a step further, TrueCrypt will let you create a hidden folder, partition or whole operating system that no one will know is there. TrueCrypt can also let you create a hidden folder, partition or whole operating system, so that no one will know it. Another attractive feature of this password administrator is that it will not slow down the speed of your reading or writing files.

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