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Developer: Xpert-Design Software
Website: http://www.xecutor.de
Os: Windows95/Windows98/WindowsMe/WindowsXp/
License: Shareware
Price: $15
Size: 1.4MB
Latest version:
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By applying Xecutor software tool, user is allowed to run the applications both on the system startup as well as on the system shutdown. User could even make a schedule for each and every program. So the scheduling of the program launching that will take place at the time of system start-up and shut down could be easily carried out by the user in a reflex manner while applying this Xecutor software tool. This tool is specially designed for these purposes. Adding a program to a machine at the time of start-up or shutdown might be a complicated job because of the type of word reposed in the program. But getting rid of a program from the start-up or shutdown is easier task, one just need to uncheck the box for this task to take place. Power management system with advanced features is offered by the Xecutor.

Interaction of user is found to be very less while using his Xecutor tool. So the task like mail check, scan, and upload, backup and so on could be carried out easily. Even these tasks could be automated for more comfort ability. User could even set up the applications at an intended time of their wish.

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